The Partners of the Vinest Network celebrate their Annual Assembly

  Ajdovscina, in Vipava Valley (Slovenia), was the city chosen to celebrate the last meeting of the Annual Assembly between the partners of the European Vinest Network that promote the exchange of ideas between small productions wine areas in Europe with the objective to protect and improve the variety and singularity of their wines, their lands and their culture.   


Increase the number of visitors in the wineries and museums of the Route of Wine 'Bullas'

  Bullas counts in total with 21.104 visitors to the wineries and museums of the Wine Route. It supposes an increase over 30% growth comparing with the last year when the number of visitor was 13.003.


Know better the electricity bill

A debate about all the details unknown of the electricity bill and other options more respectful with clients and environment. 

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VINEST is a unique network that promotes the interplay of small European wine areas in order to protect and enhance the variety and individuality of their wines, lands and cultures.

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The Vinest Partners are active members at European level, not only in this Network but also in other transnational initiatives and projects.



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