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What is Oenology?

“Oenology” comes from the Greek words “oinos” (wine) and “logos” (knowledge), so this union forms the term which refers to the specialized activity defined as “the science related to wines and grapes juices” as well as “the sum of knowledges and techniques regarding wine making and ageing”. Oenologists not only make the wine but also have an important participation in the terroir, suppliers and markets, among others.


Rota da Bairrada, our new partner

Let's know a bit more on our new partner, the Bairrada Route Association, which recently joined the Vinest Network. Here is a video showing the landmarks of this beautiful Portuguese region.




Yoga among vineyards

The school “Okinawa Budo” of Murcia city have organized for the very first time in the region a day of yoga among the vineyards. It has been organized on the 30th of May in the Aceniche Valley, Bullas.


Szombathely in one day

The capital of the Vas County in Hungary has plenty of landmarks. It is well worth a visit. Let's make a tour for a whole day by knowing the main city's attractions. 


A delegation from Bullas visits the Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route

A delegation of enterpreneurs and institutional representatives from Bullas travelled at the end of April to the area of the Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route –in the Spanish Western region of Extremadura- to know the towns, establishments, wineries and tourist services belonging to this wine tourism destination.

25/03/2015 in the Awards of the newspaper "La Verdad"

The Vinest Network's official website is participating under the category of "Associations Websites" of this annual competition. These awards aim to recognize the best websites of the Region of Murcia.