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Wines and Cellars from Ilok

The best way to know the long tradition of wine production in Ilok (Croatia) is of course by means of its various wines and many cellars. Let's take a look and a little walk throughout their history and current times. 


The Bullas Wine Museum and the Vinest Network in the Spanish Museology Journal

Wine Museums located all around Spain are a landmark in the framework of the national Museology. The last number of its journal is fully dedicated to them, and that of Bullas also participates with a very interesting article which highlights the role of the Vinest Network in the development of wine tourism in the area.


A new video of the SecretWine Walks Day in Bullas

A brief summary in images of that special event held in Bullas last 15th of November, including the package SecretWine Walks, including the social media contests and the tribute to Mr. Stefan Moritz.


A review of the Bullas Wine Feast 2015

A new edition of the Bullas Wine Feast took place from the 23rd of January to the 14th of March, more than a month with plenty of activities to enjoy and celebrate the link between this Spanish town and the wine.


Wine and chocolate, the possible combination

Chocolate is the most extraordinary product in pastry-making and it has a strong personality which makes the other elements of a dessert turning around it. But, how can we combine it with wine?


The first wines of the world

The relationship of the mankind with the wine dates back thousands of years ago. This drink is present in the culture of all the continents and has a honour place which started with the first steps of civilization.