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Wine Cellars of the Vipava Valley between St. Martin

All the weekends between Friday 7th of November to Sunday 21st December 2014




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Nowadays being active in the social media is a fundamental matter for every organization. We introduce you to the main ones where the Vinest Network is present.


The red wine, a source of health

All we know that wine is a real pleasure for the senses, but not only this. Experts agree that it is also a healthy product, an element of the European culture that improves our life. 


One glass of wine is equal to one gym hour

A research developed by the University of Alberta (Canada) has discovered that one of the compounds of the red wine called resveratrol may provide similar benefits to those of one hour of practising sport. Only one glass of wine can give us physical outputs, muscle strenght and a good heart’s function.


Wine tourism makes you discover new landscapes and taste much more than wine

With the wine tourism you will discover that a bottle of wine is a little work of art which has needed the necessary time with passion and dedication to give pleasure and happiness to those who drink it.


Bullas and its wine culture welcome over 8,000 Austrian visitors this Spring.

Thousands of tourists coming from Austria are expected to visit Bullas during 2015 and 2016. This Spanish wine-tourism is getting a very important international projection.